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“Today’s the Day, MF.”


Robin, The Black Phone (2021)

This is such a gut-wrenching movie, but The Black Phone was incredible. Without spoiling too much, the story was such a rollercoaster and it all led up to the coolest final scenes ever. Leading one of the coolest final scenes ever was this quote. The protagonist finally realizes it’s time to fight back, that there is no “one day I will stand up to bullies,” or “one day I will be happy and free.” Nah, that time is NOWThat day is NOW. Every day is THE day. 

The same principle is so important to remember in our real lives as well. If we keep pushing things back to the next day, or waiting to complete / start things until the “right” day, we will NEVER find it. Every day is a precious and rare gift. One you absolutely cannot count on to happen consistently. We can lose our lives in an instant, and then when the clock runs out and you have no more days… what do you do then?

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“No response is a response. And a powerful one. Remember that.” ~Unknown

"Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them, because you never know how badly they need to hear it."

- Emma Deese

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